Folding Squat Rack (X-Fit 110)

Up to 12 Instalments
Up to 12 Instalments
  • Sturdy Squat Rack
  • With one movement it folds and frees up space
  • Many height options

Limited items

The most practical and original idea to show and disappear a small gym in your personal space, whenever you want. This unique X-FIT Squat Rack is sturdy, has many options in height adjustment to give us the option to do many different exercises (from death lifts to squats), while at the same time with a simple movement the whole system folds inwards, thus releasing the wall of our room. Every time we want to support the bar and start the program we just open the two vertical bars of the Rack and we have a complete training system.

Νet weight: Αround 60kg
Μain tube: 75x75x3mm
Dimensions (fully opened): 2300mm x 1230mm x 490

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