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Body Attack Nutrition

BODY ATTACK with extensive experience in the field of food supplements and guaranteed quality of a large German company, offers to all athletes a huge range of sports supplements for each objective, physical status, age and gender. In each category supplements will find the most modern and specialized nutritional supplements, which because of the permanent and our exhaustive research will become an integral part of your daily diet.

One of the elements for which the BODY ATTACK stands out is that all the products go through strict control and enter the known list of Cologne, which is of great importance for the top professional athletes. This list supplements include companies and products that have been tested for banned substances under the research examining of the University of Cologne. The BODY ATTACK certifies and guarantees that its products are fully tested for their safety and is a great honor for any company working with this agency.

In recent years BODY ATTACK develop a large network of branches throughout Germany, making contact with athletes even closer, enhancing in this way even more the quality of its products and services.

Body Attack has chosen X-TREME STORES as exclusive representative in Greece and Cyprus.

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