Elliptical X-FIT Spacer

Free Shipping
Free Shipping
1 year warranty
1 year warranty
Up to 6 Instalments
Up to 6 Instalments
  • Value for money elliptical
  • Stable and safe motion
  • Complete cardio training
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Working out in an elliptical machine  is the shortest in time, safest and most effective kind of training. It positively effects all the body, causes no impact in joints, knees and lower back and in just few minutes you can have the results you want.
Most of times elliptical machines are heavy, large and difficult to move. That’s a reason to stop us from training.
Now, the X-FIT SPACER belongs to another category. It is small, flexible, offers a complete motion and fits in our house, in every room and every space. It is perfect for a starter. It is perfect for anyone who wish to change his/her life.


Once, for a Lifetime.


  • 8 step magnetic resistance.
  • Large, easy to read monitor with all the basic data.
  • With easy to move wheels.
  • Smooth motion to avoid injuries
  • Wheel weight: 6kg
  • Machine weight: 27,5kg
  • Anti-slippery feet.
  • Straddle length: 28cm
  • Measure heart pulse: In the grips.
  • Display: Indications of time, speed, distance, calories, pulses, resistance.
  • Max. weight capacity: 90kgr
  • Dimensions: (LXWXH) 103 X 65 X 153cm.

 SKF: The true innovation of the X-FIT training equipment is the use of the SKF bearings, which are the most reliable solution in the technical part of each machine, since the user will feel the same noiseless and smooth motion from the very first day to the last one, which it means zero friction and more effective training. Despite their high cost of the SKF bearings, X-FIT workout machines keep the price low and the quality higher than ever. A thing you can see from the first time.

*For more information visit the official website www.skf.com/gr

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