Synthex Milk 1000g (Warriorlab)

  • Complete protein meal
  • Enriched with the right carbs
  • Rich in bcaa & glutamine
  • Great taste
Limited items

WarriorLab once again is ahead of the pack, offering a new protein formula, perfect for a post workout protein meal, but also as a meal replacement during the day. The major problem of all the similar protein supplements, that are based on the 50:50 ratio is that usually contain ingredients (like creatine) that limit us in the number of daily doses we can consume. But now, SYNTHEX  MILK has designed a razor product. With a mix of proteins that supports total amino flow, carbs in a perfect quantity in order to have a full recovery, a mix of bcaa’s, glutamine and glutamine peptides and MCT fats, SYNTHEX MILK is  a unique product of its own, perfect for every sportsman, no matter the target and the level.

In its advantages we must add its excellent, smoothly and creamy taste and due to the special digestive enzymes it has, it can be absorbed and digested easily and rapidly.

Take 45g (1 scoop) in 300ml of water, milk or juice. Mix it properly in a shaker and drink immediately post exercise. One more scoop (45g) can be consumed during the day, depending on your nutritional needs. 

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