Protein Bar 66g (Nutramino)

  • Protein bar
  • 20gr of protein per bar
  • Supports muscle recovery
  • Great tasting snack




In a Nutramino Proteinbar, you get the best of both worlds - 20 grams of protein for your muscles and at the same time a heavenly taste and consistency that can withstand any sinful chocolate bar.

Nutramino Protein Bar is a brand new type of protein bar we have developed for you that needs something new and exciting in protein for your workout and recovery. You get 20g of protein that your body needs and at the same time a unique taste and texture.

The bar is for you who exercise and supplement with protein afterwards - or you who want a protein-rich alternative to a snack on-the-go. Straight to bring in the exercise bag.




1-2 bars depending on your dietary needs


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