Olive Oil Cooking Spray 190ml (International Collection)

  • Helps prepare healthy and delicious food
  • Only 1 kcal per spray!
  • Makes the food not stick to the surface
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Spray oils are a convenient, efficient and a health-conscious way to use oil – they give you all the flavor and culinary benefits you want with just the amount you need!
This cooking spray with butter flavor is made from sunflower oil with natural flavors. It does not contain real butter and is suitable for vegans. It is ideal for frying, baking, roasting or adding to salads.

Nutritional Facts                 Per 100 ml            Per Spray (0,2 ml)
Energy                              1945 kJ / 473           kcal 4 kJ / 1 kcal
Fat                                           52 g                              0,1 g
- of which saturates                  12 g                             <0,1 g
Carbohydrate                           <2 g                             <0,5 g
- of which sugars                    <0,5 g                             <0,1 g
Fibre                                     <0,5 g                             <0,1 g
Protein                                  <0,5 g                             <0,1 g
Salt                                       0,04 g                           <0,01 g


Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil (53%), water, emulsifier (Rapeseed lecithin), Acidity Regulator (citric acid), Thickener (Xanthan gum), Preservative (Potassium sorbate).

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