Professional Treadmill C.L. 2500 (X-FIT)

Free Shipping
Free Shipping
2 years warranty
2 years warranty
Up to 36 Instalments
Up to 36 Instalments
  • Specially designed with a curved surface
  • No motor! The speed is set by the user
  • Greater ergonomics & safety
  • Ideal for cross training
Limited items
Not available in any store.

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The curved X-Fit C.L. 2500 treadmill represents a new era in the fitness industry and beyond. With its revolutionary design, curved surfaces, and sturdy frame, it offers an unprecedented workout experience. Combining advanced technology and top-notch design, it provides a truly exceptional fitness experience. Its innovative features, stability, and spacious running surface make it a standout choice for gyms and professional spaces.

Innovation in Exercise

The curved C.L. 2500 treadmill features a curved rolling surface, simulating running on natural terrain. This enhances the naturalness and effectiveness of the exercise. The more effort you put into running, the faster the treadmill goes. It has the ability to respond to the intensity of the workout you put in!

What You'll See Once You Step Up

We're used to seeing a list of pre-installed default programs on the treadmill screen, whether at home or in the gym. The C.L. 2500 is different! You create your own workout programs, allowing you to perform an effective workout that simulates different characteristics and conditions, offering an interesting and challenging experience. The C.L. 2500 includes essential information on its small screen, such as calorie count, time, speed, and distance. In the same frame that supports the screen are the handrails and an adjustable support bar. The frame is integrated with the chassis and the side columns that extend from it.

The C.L. 2500 is One of a Kind!

At first glance, even someone unfamiliar with fitness can tell that this is something unique. Its curved shape captures attention, not only as a distinguishing feature but also for the quality of the workout it offers. The conveyor belt's function is reminiscent of caterpillar tracks, where each part is in an aluminum block. The dimensions of the running belt are 45 cm x 360 cm, making it the curved treadmill with the widest running surface on the market.

Stability and Durability

Its total weight is 127 kg, and the maximum user weight is 150 kg. This alone speaks volumes about the treadmill's stability and the attention given to its design, ensuring a consistent, unique, and unbeatable workout experience. Transporting it to different locations in the room is possible and generally easier than with most professional machines. However, it's important to note that unlike home machines, it doesn't have any assistance for lifting.


  • Dimensions 188.5cm x 88cm x 159cm
  • Treadmill Belt CATERPILLAR
  • Treadmill Belt Dimensions 45 cm x 360 cm
  • Running Surface 45 cm x 170 cm
  • Weight 127 kg
  • Maximum User Weight 150 kg

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