Treadmill Apollo Plus AC 3hp (X-FIT)

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  • The only domestic treadmill with AC motor
  • For unlimited use
  • Huge durability
  • High aesthetics
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One of the most gratifying events that has happened in Greek society in recent years is that more and more people are training intensively, as a result of which they are not fully covered by conventional fitness equipment. On the other hand, more and more personal studios are opening all over the country, increasing the need for economical but reliable solutions of fitness equipment that can withstand great use and at the same time have high aesthetics.
The new Apollo Plus AC comes to meet these needs. Maintaining the profile, comfort and exterior aesthetics of the classic X-FIT APOLLO, its new alternative comes to add much more.

Starting with the motor, the heart of a treadmill, the new Apollo Plus has AC, a professional motor, which means unlimited use. It can meet the needs of many people in daily use, without interruption. You can offer it to a family with many members, or to a personal studio, or to people who are preparing for a road event (eg marathon). Think that you can do a complete marathon workout, in real conditions, with the speed you want, with the adjustable inclination you want. And all this in the safety and comfort of your home.
The protection increases a lot since the side guards are not plastic but aluminum and non-slip, to give us the feeling of safety in interval training, while the whole screen is now LED, which gives us extra clarity in the multiple indications of the console, making training more efficient.
The new X-FIT APOLLO PLUS AC, is sturdy, durable, folds and is easily transported and through the 64 different programs it has, it will be your personal trainer. The best athlete you will have.

Once, for a lifetime.


  • Motor: AC 3.0 hp
  • Speed range: 1.0 - 22.0 km / h
  • Slope: 15 levels
  • Belt surface: 1500mm x 530mm
  • Dimensions: L: 200cm, H: 160cm, W: 93cm
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Handles: Speed / Tilt buttons
  • Machine weight: 115kg
  • Certification: CE-ROHS-EN957
  • Screen: Led
  • Program: 64-Built-in, Manual, Body Fat Measurement
  • Direct speed: 8 speeds
  • Direct Incline: 8 slopes
  • Accessories: High quality, audio system, Bluetooth, USB for Charge

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