Treadmill Apollo Plus AC 3hp (X-FIT)

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5 years warranty
5 years warranty
Up to 24 Instalments
Up to 24 Instalments
  • Domestic treadmill with AC motor
  • For unlimited use
  • Huge durability
  • High aesthetics
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Each category of home gym treadmills has so-called flagships as reference points. In the high, premium, category these flagships are none other than the Apollo and Apollo Plus AC treadmills. Powerful frame with design standards used on professional treadmills. Anti-vibration and stability reminiscent of treadmills found in gyms with the difference that they can be folded and transported.

Unique and special motor

The motor of the Apollo Plus AC is of alternating voltage which is truly revolutionary for home gym treadmills. This feature gives the trainee the ability – option to carry out long-term programs (sessions) simulating the most adverse conditions. At the same time, different users can do their training with the same ease without a break between sessions. The speed range is from 1 to 22 kilometers per hour. Its power is 3 hp and combined with alternating voltage (AC), it is exactly what is needed to implement all of the above and more.

Quality and stability

The Apollo Plus AC is mounted on the same chassis as the Apollo. Plethoric in terms of its presentation and its weight which reaches 115 kg. Its length is two meters, its width ninety-three centimeters and its height one meter and sixty centimeters. These alone could give you the confidence you need for your workouts but we don't stop there. The maximum user weight is 150 kg and at the same time it has the possibility of electric inclination up to 15%. The sides of the strap are aluminum with a non-slip rubber lining for extra safety.

Control is yours

As in all fitness treadmills, Apollo Plus AC has a screen for the indications with the difference that it is a led panel, which maximizes clarity and viewing angles. On its panel you have the ability for quick optimization of direct speed (1-22 km/h) with eight options and direct inclination (0-15%) with eight options as well. Start/Stop buttons, heart rate measurement on the special contacts and finally additional speed and incline selection buttons on the handlebars. Shaker and water bottle holders on the sides of the dial play a very important role for your maximum comfort.

Freedom of movement

The surface of the belt gives the sense of absolute freedom of movement (1.5 meters long and 53 cm wide) and in this way the training changes direction. The display panel is completed with the additions of an audio system and a USB port. With the easy and quick selection within the 64 pre-installed programs you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want it.

Transport and storage

Despite the fact that it has a large volume and weight, folding and transporting it, becomes piece of cake. Folding is carried out with great comfort by a single person. It is assisted by an airblock piston that makes it easier to lift and when returning to the exercise level, it brakes through the air without having to make an effort to descend. It certainly can't be hidden behind a door like treadmills of smaller dimensions and class, but it's incredibly easy to transport, with four wheels at the base of the treadmill.


  • Motor 3.0 hp AC
  • Speed 1-22 km/h
  • Incline 15 levels
  • Belt surface 150cm x 53cm
  • Dimensions L: 200cm x H: 160cm x W: 93cm
  • Maximum user weight 150kg
  • Handles Speed/Incline adjustment buttons
  • Machine weight 115kg
  • Screen Led
  • Program 64-Built-in, Manual, Body fat measurement
  • Direct speed 8 speeds
  • Direct incline 8 levels
  • Accessories High quality sound system, USB for charge, Bluetooth
  • Certification CE-ROHS-EN957

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