Treadmill Walking Pad (X-FIT)

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  • The smallest treadmill of the market
  • Fits everywhere
  • Stable and functional in its use
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The X-FIT Walking Pad is the fitness tool that should and can be found in every Greek home. On a safe and comfortable surface, which can be stored either behind the door or under the bed or sofa, we can walk or do a light, refreshing jog every day, watching our favorite TV show, listening to music or just looking out on the balcony. Yes, it's so easy !!
Either we use only the walking surface, or lifting the special bars to hold on, just holding the remote control increases or decreases the speed and we just walk. What modern human lacks, safe and daily movement, becomes easy in the house, in any room, at any time of the day with the new X-FIT Walking Pad.
Changing our lives, improving our health and appearance is ultimately not that difficult. It's simple, it's fast, it's safe. With the new X-FIT Walking Pad, everything is possible.


Motor: 0,75 HP
Machine weight: 22kg
Dimensions (MxWxH): 143.5 x 59 x 98.5 cm

Height after folding the handlebar: 13 cm

Belt surface: 40 x 110 cm
Speed: 1-12 km / H
Maximum user weight: 100kg

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