Creatine Creapure Powder 500g (Inkospor)

  • 100% Creapure® from Germany
  • Subject to the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and safety.
  • Optimal for increasing physical performance
  • Ideal for before or after training
Limited items

Creatine by Inkospor (Creapure®) is a creatine monohydrate produced according to the most stringent standards, controls and procedures in order for the end product to be the highest quality and most effective form of creatine in the world. Creapure® is manufactured by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH, a leading brand in the creatine market, setting strict quality standards in accordance with the GMP standards applicable to pharmaceutical-grade products, which guarantee the consumption of a product without additives and of superior quality.

Creatine is generally considered a very important performance factor in sports nutrition. Human skeletal muscle contains approximately 90% of the body's own creatine stores. While all living cells depend on energy, this is especially true for muscle cells. Intensive muscle activity, e.g. during strength training, it requires large amounts of energy, which is depleted after just a few seconds. Creatine, with the production of ATP (adenotriphosphate), supplies the muscles with energy so that they can cope with a more intensive and long-term training.

Ingredients: creatine monohydrate (100% Creapure®).

During intense physical exercise take 4 weeks 3,4g powder (1 level measuring spoon) per day with plenty of liquid. Then break for 4 weeks.

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