Complete Load 1500g (Warriorlab)

  • Full Creatine (Creapure®) formula
  • Complete development
  • Rapid recovery between workouts with Kyowa Quality® glutamine
  • Increase in muscle strength and size
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What is it?

Complete Load is a complete creatine formula.
Because creatine alone is not enough, COMPLETE LOAD increases muscle strength, energy and size more than any other similar product.
The COMPLETE LOAD formula contains all those nutrients that will make the body respond to hard training, increasing the number and size of muscle fibers, in an effective way and based on the latest scientific research.

What does it contain?
Pure creatine monohydrate, which by itself is not enough. All experienced athletes know this. It also needs a simple carbohydrate (dextrose) to be able to be absorbed by the muscles, and not be eliminated from the body. COMPLETE LOAD contains the necessary amount of carbohydrates. The creatine it contains belongs to the internationally recognized family of Creapure®, which means absolute safety and effectiveness, 100% vegan without residues from animal or plant by-products. It also contains Kyowa Quality® glutamine, which is also considered the best in the world and guarantees complete and fast recovery.

Ribose, which will not only transport creatine even faster, but on its own has been shown to minimize the chance of muscle catabolism, and also increase energy levels and ATP production.
Arginine, which by increasing the blood circulation it offers, will transport nutrients even faster, will make nitrogen retention in the muscles increasing the effectiveness of all other components.

What will I feel?
Creatine is one of the most popular, effective and impressive supplements. A creatine formula like Complete Load from the very first workout will offer you impressive muscle swelling. From the first workout you will understand your muscles to respond to each exercise, while giving more muscle strength and energy.

Why buy it?
If you want to increase your strength in training, not to get tired, to see your body change day by day and because of the amino acids contained in Complete Load to recover faster, then you definitely need it.

What do I combine it with?
With a quality protein, such as Complete Whey, which due to its rapid absorption, will fill your already prepared muscles with the necessary amino acids. Most experienced athletes even combine Complete Load with EMB for even better, faster and more impressive muscle results.

Take 50g (1 scoop) with 300-400ml of water after exercise.  On non-exercise days take 50g (1 scoop) with 300-400ml of water in the morning with breakfast.

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