Clear Whey Isolate 500g (Warriorlab)

  • Pure whey isolate protein
  • Easy digestion and absorption
  • Like a refreshing juice in taste and texture
  • 24gr of pure protein per serving

What is;
Contrary to the protein milk shakes, the creamy and wonderful drinks we are used to, Clear Whey Isolate has the form of a light juice, but with the same high amount of protein (24g per dose). The difference is that Clear Whey Isolate is more easily absorbed, digested faster and has an amazing fruit flavor.
What does it contain;
The main ingredient in Clear Whey Isolate is whey protein isolate, which is processed using membrane filtration technology to give one of the purest and most concentrated forms of whey by separating it from the fat, carbohydrates and lactose found in fresh milk.
Due to all these factors it is the ideal solution for the period following training. It can also accompany your morning meal, replace a meal or complement the meals of the day, especially when following a low-carb diet.
At the same time, it contains the ideal ratio and quantity of amino acids and vitamins to support the muscular system.

What will I feel?

Protein is the food of the muscles. What we feel when we take Clear Whey Isolate is faster recovery and preparation for the next workout. So the real question is how will I feel if I don't take or stop Clear Whey Isolate? The answer is that the body simply will not be fed properly and enough. Certainly the workouts will not be as efficient and the muscle cramps will probably return.
Why should I buy it?
Whey protein provides the highest biological value of all protein supplements, with naturally high levels of BCAAs, providing muscles with the protein they need for maintenance and growth. When choosing a protein supplement, there are two main options, Isolate and Concentrate. The main difference between these two forms is that Isolate is purer than Concentrate. Non-protein molecules including fat, carbohydrates and lactose have been removed from milk to isolate whey protein.
What does it go with?
It can be combined with all supplements, without limitation. Ideally it can be combined with Complete Intra, which will provide us with the necessary amino acids and electrolytes to have better hydration and muscle endurance and strength during training.


1 scoop (30g) in 200-250ml of cold water and shake well. Leave to stand for 1 minute. Drink immediately after exercise. Based on daily need of protein take an additional 1-2 servings a day between meals.

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