Apollo Pro V Rower (First Degree)

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Up to 24 Instalments
Up to 24 Instalments
  • 5 x resistance levels
  • Possibility of different position of the feet.
  • Electronic console
  • Natural sense of true rowing
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Natural motion, completely smooth resistance for a whole body workout

No other workout can train at the same time all your body, as a cardio and fat loss  or/and as a muscle toning for muscular development. Counting the joint strength with no impact at all, we have the ultimate way of training, both efficient and safe.


The new Αpollo Pro V rowing machine with fluid resistance is even better with its new innovative improvements. The new design offers even more resistance with its new impellers and new valves that let more water inside the tank, that means greater resistance. At the same time, since the fluid rowing machines give you a unique sensation of training, the new yellow impellers give an outstanding spectacle during use.
Rowing is the No. 1 performance for simultaneous training of the whole body, setting in motion the 82% of the body muscles. Also it supports almost all joints through a very substantial range of motion in absolute safety and without vibration. All this makes it one of the best forms of exercise for different types of exercisers.



  • Easy and simple to use and reading e-dial with the main indications (calories, reps per minute, total distance and exercise time)
  • 5 x resistance levels from almost zero for beginners up to Olympic standard resistance.
  • Wheels on the base for easy movement
  • Strong wheels at the base of the seat for comfortable and safe operation.
  • Special fluid resistance similar to an outdoor rowing.

Dimensions open: M: 213 cm x W: 52 cm x H: 56 cm
Closed dimensions: 52 x 56 cm
Maximum user weight: 150 Kg
Machine weight: 35.8 kg

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